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January 18, 2017

LBPC Episode 49: “Incontinentia Buttocks”


AR.....no not pirates, Augmented Reality
Whats Your Game...... Kit Fair

Matthew Webb (Incognita Limited)

  • The Planetfall augmented reality game, how it started, how it works
  • World of Darkness Berlin and how they hired us for a new way of doing * widespread character creation for one-shot games
  • What the future of LARP and technology is
  • How game organizers can leverage technology
  • Using livestreaming at games for promotional purposes

Virtual Economies
Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis (Information Policy): Design and Anaysis

Dagorhir Saturday Afternoon Capture the Flag Round 2

Enlightenment in Blood


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Whats Your Game Kit Fair 2015
Feb 4th - 5th
Blackfriars Lane


5th year of a cool day of kit, cosplay, combat
This includes CosPlayers vs LARPers ?

LARPBook will be there, filming, interviewing and covering. Please say high to us

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